By Megan Hansen/News editor

In efforts to prevent a repeat of last year’s computer virus outbreak, ResNet is having students take extra precautions before logging on to the Internet in the residence halls. “Students have to use the online system Perfigo Smart Enforcer to get connected to the Internet,” said Lisa Moore, ResNet coordinator.

When students open their Internet browser and try to go to a Web page, they should be redirected to a download screen, said Moore.

Students will then be asked for their domain and password.

“You will need to know your Eastern e-mail address and password in order to complete the downloads that are needed,” Moore said.

She said Perfigo Smart Enforcer scans the computer and determines if the operating system needs to be updated and checks to see if Eastern’s antivirus is installed on the computer.

“You have to have Norton Antivirus Corporate on your computer before you can get on the system,” Moore said.

“You do need to uninstall any other antivirus software you have on your computer first.”

Moore explained that if a problem is found on a computer, a student would be redirected to patch their computer or download anything they need.

Logging into Perfigo Smart Enforcer is not a one-time deal.

Students will have to login to the program once a week to keep their computer connected to the system.

“We are just trying to make sure our network is more secure,” Moore said.

Students who are using a Macintosh or Linux operating system don’t have to install any software, Moore said. Students should just have to open their Internet browser and use their Eastern e-mail username and password and login on the ResNet network login screen.

Moore said there are quite a few students who can’t get their computer on the system.

“Monday we had over 75 computers dropped off here in ResNet that needed to be fixed so students could get on the system,” she said.

Tamra Nowitizki and Danielle Henehan moved into Palmer and have not been able to get Henehan’s computer working.

“It’s ridiculous,” Nowitizki said. “We can’t even log on to the computers downstairs.”

Henehan agrees it is frustrating.

“I can’t get my e-mail from anywhere right now,” she said.

Nowitizki said they spent over an hour on the phone with her father whom is a computer programmer trying to fix Henehan’s computer.

“He didn’t know what to tell us to get it to work so now we are here at ResNet hoping they can help us fix her computer,” Nowitizki said.

Moore said the ResNet staff is learning Perfigo Smart Enforcer as they work through the problems students are bringing to their attention.

“We’re working the bugs out as we go,” she said.

Moore said she hopes all the problems are fixed soon and everyone will be able to access the Internet from their residence halls within a few days.

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