By Todd Purvis/Sports editor

With the summer Olympic games up and running, many of us have found ourselves keeping up with some of the best athletes across the nation. Former Eastern softball star Kim Sarrazin has also been keeping up with some of the best athletes in the nation, but she has been keeping up with them on the softball diamond. Sarrazin played as the Colonels catcher from 1997-2000.

“Kim was one of the hardest workers that we’ve ever had,” Eastern softball coach Jane Worthington said. “She was one of the players that when she had a goal in mind, she did everything that she could do to achieve it.”

Sarrazin tried out for the Olympic team four years ago but fell short and ended up on the Canadian National team.

“When Kim didn’t make the Olympic team four years ago, she was pretty upset,” Worthington said. “She then dedicated the last four years of her life to making the team and her hard work has paid off.”

The Eustache, Quebec, native is currently in Athens, Greece, playing for Team Canada. Sarrazin has started three games so far this summer, twice as the designated player and once as the catcher. Team Canada has posted a 3-4 record while in Greece, including a 1-0 upset over the No.2 ranked Japanese team.

“It’s incredible to have a player that we’ve coached to play in the Olympics,” Worthington said. “Kim is the first player that we’ve ever had to play in the Olympics, and who knows if we’ll ever have another one.”

In the first year of her tenure at Eastern, she was named All-Ohio Valley Conference honorable mention and was named first-team All-OVC for her following three years. Sarrazin was named the OVC Player of the Year after her senior year.

“The first year that she was here, we weren’t quite on the same page and my expectations for her were a little bit higher and a little bit more demanding than what she was used to,” Worthington said. “As soon as she decided that what I was asking could be done, I knew that she could play at the next level.”

During her final season with the Colonels, she was eighth in the conference with a batting average of .309 and she was among the league leaders in runs scored, RBI’s, doubles, triples and home runs.

“Kim loved and lived the game,” Worthington said. “She would spend as much time playing ball as you would allow her to, and that is what set her apart from the others.”

According to Worthington, when Sarrazin came to Eastern she spoke very little English, but it was just enough to get her by.

“The first semester that she was here, we kept an eye on her and helped her out a little bit, but by the second semester she told us she wanted to do it all herself and she graduated with a 3.5 or better, so she was definitely a determined person,” Worthington said.

Team Canada finished fifth out of eight teams in the competition.

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