By Brandon Roberts/Sports writer

On a typical day Terin Roof gets out of bed at 7:30 a.m. She is in class until noon and then goes to lunch. At 2 p.m. it is time for practice, which usually lasts until about 4:30 p.m. Then she has night class, a workout session and homework.She also plays tennis.

Roof lives what could be viewed as the typical life of a student-athlete – a life of almost no free time. When Roof does find free time, she spends it like any other 19-year-old female. She likes to focus on school and the Kappa Delta sorority of which she is part, and she says she is an “obsessed shopper.”

Roof is a 2003 graduate of Lone Oak High School in Paducah. Her father is a contractor, her mother works for Cingular Wireless and she has an older brother.

The Roof’s lived in Palm Bay, Fla., until Terin was 6 years old, when her mother’s job forced the family to relocate to Paducah.

Although she is currently undeclared, she plans to major in marketing and work as a pharmaceutical sales representative when she graduates.

Roof received scholarship offers from several other schools before choosing Eastern.

“It’s close to Lexington and the campus is beautiful,” Terin said. “I really liked the attitude and spirit of coach (Rob) Oertel. It just felt right.”

Roof considers herself a “doubles specialist,” and rightfully so. The United States Tennis Association ranked Roof at No. 22 in the nation in junior tennis doubles when she was 18. She won the state doubles championship last year and won the regional her freshman, junior and senior years.

Her doubles partner at Eastern is Lindsey Herrera, and Roof says she feels as if they “work good together”.

“The sky is the limit for Terin as a college tennis player, ” Oertel said. “Her style of play is one that translates well into the college level. She is offensive and strong.”

A member of a traveling softball team during high school and a basketball player, Roof is an athlete at heart. She also teaches tennis at high school clinics during the summer; her alma mater has won the state championship nine out of the last 12 seasons.

Roof is optimistic about Eastern in the Ohio Valley Conference this year. She feels they have a “good chance” for one of the top three spots.

Roof has found a mentor in fellow tennis player Hannah Bartsch, who Roof feels is a “model” on and off the court.

“I love her dedication, drive and focus,” Roof said. “I wish I could be like her on the court.”

Living on campus is not something Roof is very fond of, she says. Her original roommate was her best friend from high school, but when Roof arrived to her dorm room one day, her roommate and her roommate’s belongings were gone. Roof says she has still never been given an explanation.

Being no stranger to adversity, Roof took it all in stride. She hopes to live off campus in the near future, preferably with teammates.

“They understand about practicing and having to get up early, and they will respect that more than others would,” Roof said.

Atlanta seems to be where Roof will start her life after college. She lived there the summer before her senior year of high school and plans to go back.