By Roger Lee Osborne/Who’s That? editor

Tina Messer wanted to speak at this year’s commencement because she thinks this is a “special” graduating class. She said her class has faced many uncertain times.”If you think about it, the freshman year there was so much uncertainty as to who the president was, the sophomore year was the 9/11 attacks, junior year we were at war and senior year the political climate is still a night mare,” Messer said. “I think for students to be engaged in what is going on nationally, internationally, still be involved in school projects and organizations as well as excel academically is a real testament to their commitment to their education,” she said.

Messer, a psychology major, admits to feeling nervous, but said she has such strong feelings about this graduating class she is honored.

“There are so many deserving people who could stand before this class, who I have great respect for as student scholars. I’m really honored that I am the one representing this class,” she said.

In her speech Messer plans to talk about how Eastern students are dedicated to their education. The title of her speech is “Eastern’s Unwavering Commitment to Education.”

“It’s been my experience that the faculty has shown extraordinary commitment to their students education and also a great interest in their success,” Messer said. “I think the students have responded in kind. The students have shown a commitment to being involved in campus life and making everything work on this campus the way education is supposed to work,” she said.

Messer, a women’s studies minor, credits Sara Zeigler, director of the department, for helping to make many opportunities available to the subject minors.

“She has provided unique opportunities for those people both in and out of the classroom that I may not have had somewhere else. I can’t say enough good things about the women’s studies program here at Eastern,” she said.

Messer has been accepted to Florida Atlantic University where she will work on her master’s in women’s studies. Her advice for other students at Eastern is not limit yourself in what you are involved in.

“Don’t box yourself in,” she said. “Don’t get so caught up in your major that you exclude yourself from other possibilities. The Eastern as a college life is a time to satisfy intellectual curiosity.”

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