Student: Preacher ineffectiveLast Tuesday I was walking from Wallace to the food court in Powell. Standing at the corner toward the bottom entrance of Powell was a man, Donnie Morris, with a Bible nestled under his arm. He began to preach, and I thought, “Bless him, Lord. I’m sure that’s a hard thing to do.”

About the time I got to the umbrella tables, I heard him say, “Most of you EKU students who are girls are whores!” My jaw hit the cobblestone and I spun around in amazement. He continued, “Most of you EKU students are on the pathway to hell. Do you hear me? You are going straight to hell!”

Soon people started gathering along the second and third tiers of Powell as if it were a circus. He continued pointing, shouting things like, “Anyone wearing three letters across their shirts is not fit to date!” He claimed most of the students were “whoremongers,” “drunkards” and had STDS.

Two male students approached him to ask for a retraction of his ill statements and to ask him to leave. He questioned, “Why do you meet me with such anger, because I speak the truth?” The young preacher continued shouting his derogatory remarks until one of the students spat on him. Others were deeply offended, as well, screaming at him saying, “Are you calling me a whore?” and “Who are you to judge us?”

It wasn’t long until the police asked him to leave, and a staff member brought him a list of regulations he needed to follow. He marched directly up to Student Life to take it up with them.

Long after it was all over, I heard students depart each other with things like, “See ya in hell,” and then chuckle.

As a Christian, his name-calling didn’t bother me, but I was both angered and saddened that this man was using such ignorant means to spread the Gospel of a loving God. I am extremely concerned that somewhere some seminary school is pumping pastors full of these harsh, judgmental methods as a way of winning souls for Christ.

Sadly, this man probably felt as if Satan had a small victory that day on Eastern’s campus as the Gospel was silenced. Why didn’t he know that the best way to win people over to God is not to talk of how bad they are, but how good God is?

A renowned preacher/speaker, Josh McDowell, says, “Rules without relationships fosters rebellion.” Obviously he is right. It would have been so much more effective for the preacher to walk up in that crowd of students, shake some hands, and say, “Hey, it’s a beautiful day. I just want to share some of God’s wonders with you this afternoon. Do you know Jesus? Could I introduce you to Him?”

I am terribly bothered he even thought he’d make progress the way he went about it.

The idea is supposed to be God loves you where you are, but He loves you too much to leave you there. Not, you’re a disgusting sinner damned to hell with no hope in life.

Those of us who know the truth about how much God loves us and sent His son to die for us are not as affected by Mr. Morris methods as those who do not know about Him. I wonder how many people the preacher alienated from the beauty and grace of a loving caring God just because he went about it the wrong way. How many people did he turn away from Christianity that day?

If you’re one of those people who were hurt or angered that day or do not know much about God, please ignore people like that. Jesus was known for His compassion and peaceful teachings to portray God’s love. This day, this man was not an accurate representation of the goodness and mercy the Lord has to offer.

I called my pastor as soon as this happened and he gave me a wonderful anonymous quote: “Truth without love is brutal and love without truth is compromise.” It’s OK to speak the truth, but it’s important to remember that respect, courtesy and kindness will get you much further than hellfire and brimstone.

Tonya Allen

4/20 party ‘disgusting, appalling,’ student says

I was once told by the Office of Student Affairs that a sign I had made was inappropriate.

They said it should be appropriate for our grandmothers to see if they were on campus. What I witnessed Tuesday April 20, 2004, would have killed anyone’s grandmother.

In the Ravine was the 4/20 party that lets everyone have another excuse to get high and yell things like “yeah, 4/20, woo.”

I explored to find some very disturbing posters and pamphlets full of information that made me ashamed of my campus, fellow students and, for the first time, the administration.

Why on earth was this allowed to go on? I saw a list of all Richmond police officers created so “we could know them before they know us.”

The disrespect given to our protectors who are underpaid and who put their lives on the line for us is unacceptable. There were tables devoted entirely to the advantages of doing drugs and not a thing about overdosing, murder and the disgusting lifestyle that comes from drug use.

I saw a picture of Jesus Christ and below him was a list of Bible verses that in some twisted, heartless way could be God condoning drug use. Give me a friggin’ break. I am outraged to see things like this on our “Campus Beautiful.” Who was responsible for allowing this?

The most appalling part of the evening was a performance by two boys who wore diapers over their pants. They were obsessed with human excrement (drawn on diapers) and anal sex. Their words were littered with disrespect to women and places to fling feces.

At one point the boy in the cowboy hat, who was apparently out of lyrical genius, just started swearing. Excellent work, Eastern. I didn’t think we could ever do anything that would make me sorry to be a Colonel. I guess I have seen it all. I can’t help but feel betrayed and heavy-hearted after hearing these kids rap about such filth.

I hope in the future there is more consideration for the allowed performance and productions at Eastern. For now I am unimpressed with our selection, and I recommend if something is permitted, someone stays to watch.

I don’t think anyone would be comfortable with the occurrences in our Ravine on that night, and I hope that it never happens again. There are apologies to be made to visitors of Richmond and Eastern and to residents of the town and campus.

David Jolley

Student: Concert was disruptive

I am a concerned student who has discovered a serious problem on campus. I know the Ravine is a place in which people can hold events such as concerts, meetings or social gatherings, and I respect that.

What I don’t respect are people who are allowed to hold noisy events such as the 4/20 concert scheduled from 6 p.m. to midnight Tuesday. This concert was a major disturbance and an annoyance to many of the students within earshot of the Ravine.

One of the biggest complaints I have about the event was that it was university sanctioned. Does the university not remember that the first priority here should be education?

I know that’s why I’m here. If they want to have such an event, why not do it during the day or inside buildings such as Alumni Coliseum or the SSB auditorium? Some may say it would interrupt classes, but what about interrupting the sleep or study time of many others and myself?

Another problem is the rudeness of Public Safety when asked if they can do something about the noise level. They were very short and rude with their response to a simple request. I believe everyone is entitled to their right of free speech; however, why should those who do not wish to participate be punished?

Heather Cambron