Dear Sir: I am a part-time history professor at EKU. I have a document (with names of certain powerful individuals) that was placed in my campus mailbox. I have held on to it for more than one year.

The reason is that I have been very afraid of a backlash against me since the document’s wording is so blatently open as to the precise race the department of history would accept resumes for. I taught in the department.

Suffice it to say that this document uses such phrases as, “all [job] advertisements should say that we will consider M.A.’s but prefer Ph.D.’s. This is to encourage black applicants. It is understood that a black applicant is to be a finalist for all vacant positions. If a black applicant is not offered the position, a department will need to provide very specific reasons for not making the offer.”

What about Native American Indians? Are they no longer a minority in the eyes of EKU?

Further, the following statement is in clear violation of university hiring procedures and, yet, the order was given: “The EOE office and the Diversity Office will try to make departments aware of who the black applicants may be. Departments are not supposed to know this…”

Again, what about other minorities, such as Native Americans? What about the clear violation of allowing the race of an applicant to be known to the department when this information supposed to remain private so that the hiring process can be completely objective.

Again, I must ask: What about other minorities, such as Native American Indians, Gay Americans, women in academe, etc? Also, the people who ordered this stated the following:

“There may be legal issues that arise as to the nature of vacancy notices, how the search is conducted, and the selection of a candidate. Departments are to keep in close touch with Virginia Underwood, Sandra Moore, and the Dean, who himself will be in close touch with Moore and University legal counsel. our search committees will need to be really, really, careful.”

The phrase “our search committees will need to be really, really careful” is dumbfounded me. I could not believe this upon reading it. These people knew they were dodging the law.

I believe the university community should know. I believe this type of secrecy and subjectivity in the hiring process clearly violates the university’s non-discrimination policy which states that applicants will not be judged on “the basis of race, gender, sexual orientation, religion…etc.”

I would like for you to contact me because I might release this documentation to you. What is quoted above is not all of the document by any means. It is, indeed, quite surprising. I do not want my identity released and the Chair of the department at the time, who was ordered to do this by the Dean, is a good man and a friend of mine.

Please contact me and let me know if you are interested in viewing this document. I have already shown it to the proper agencies in both Frankfort and Washington D.C. and, after reading the entire document, their attorneys agreed that it was in violation of certain federal and state labor laws.

My phone number is (859) 273-3156. My Email is

Please, do not do anything without first contacting me. Thank you.


Tim Harris

P.S. Please do not say anything without contacting me first. I’m send a copy of this Email to myself for documentation purposes.