1. Go to Kentucky Kingdom
2. Purchase suntanning products
3. Buy a pool membership
4. Take your friends out to eat
5. Fill your gas tank for the first time this year
6. Get a massage
7. Buy a new shirt
8. Visit the Louisville Slugger Museum
9. Spend the day at Gatti Town
10. Buy a Mother’s Day present
11. Get some sunglasses
12. Buy CDs instead of downloading them
13. Buy food other than Easy Mac
14. Pay back money you owe your parents
15. Get a piercing
16. Sign up for a magazine subscription
17. Go to the beach – The Beach waterpark that is
18. Save it for a rainy day19. Highlight your hair
20. Donate to a charity

21. Buy a kiddie pool for the backyard
22. Get a spray-on tan
23. Buy movie refreshments
24. Go to the zoo
25. Start getting dorm decorations for next year
26. Go to a concert
27. Buy some books to read for fun
28. Visit Holiday World
29. Get a manicure or a pedicure

30. Go to a pro baseball game

31. See a play
32. Get an oil change
33. See a movie at an IMAX theater
34. Go horseback riding
35. Play laser tag
36. Hit the golf course
37. Buy a hot new bathing suit
38. Spend it on ice cream
39. Visit Mammoth Cave
40. Bet on the Kentucky Derby
41. Celebrate summer with beverages, if you’re over 21
42. Go yard sale-ing
43. See the Horsemen play arena football
44. Cash it in for quarters to do laundry in the fall
45. Visit the Newport Aquarium
46. Go bowling
47. Get a cool new hat
48. Buy flip flops
49. Take a mini road trip
50. Save it to buy one book next year