By Adam Baker/News editor

Jessi Keys doesn’t like to recycle – she said she never has. Keys, a resident of Keene Hall, explained even if she did decide to recycle, it would be difficult to do in residence halls.

“There’s a bin in the lobby, but it’s not very easy to haul (trash) down 10 floors through the elevator,” said the sophomore music major from Brandonberg.

The Student Government Association, however, is trying to make the task easier for Keys and other students.

At their last meeting of the year Tuesday, the Student Senate unanimously passed a resolution endorsing efforts to increase campus recycling.

Kyle Moon, student rights chair, said recycling is an important issue that needs to be addressed.

“I think it’s totally sensible to have as much of your waste being reused as possible, especially with 15,000 students,” he said.

Moon said he has met with Facilities Services to discuss the issue. He explained to start improving recycling efforts, the university plans to put recycling bins on the floors of six residence halls.

Moon said people need to understand recycling bins are for recyclables only. If the amount of non-recyclable trash in designated bins becomes more than 20 percent on a regular basis, he said Facilities Services will remove the bins.

“Another main concern that was brought to my attention was there were reports about the maintenance workers themselves taking the recycling bins and just dumping them in the trash cans,” he said.

Facilities Services, he said, told him they haven’t heard of such complaints.

Moon said he hopes to expand the recycling effort next year.

“Hopefully next year we’ll try to even develop a campus-wide recycling program with residence halls and get Ra’s involved in educating their students and possibly being able to have convenient locations for recycling bins on campus,” he said.

Also, the Student Senate passed a resolution concerning Aramark funding.

SGA funded Kappa Alpha Theta $312.60 for a 70-person dinner and Phi Beta Lambda $65 for its annual spring banquet.

The Senate also passed resolutions of recognition honoring Ron Yoder, J.C. Young, Daniel Logsdon, Jacinda Bertie, Erin Michalik, Kristina O’Brien and Amber Jones.

The Senate will not meet again until next year.

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