By Melissa Engle/Assistant news editor

More than 1,000 people attended the Honors Scholars Weekend this past weekend.The program kicked off Thursday with nearly 30 students presenting senior theses in the Powell Building. Parents, faculty and community leaders came out to hear presentations on topics such as prescription drug abuse in Kentucky, white-collar crime and kin selection in everything from insects to human beings.

“This showcases the research and laboratory work and scholarly work by students,” said Bonnie Gray, honors program director. “It honors students who are academically solid.”

Students such as Amanda Farmer were further acknowledged at a banquet held Friday evening. Students attended an induction ceremony Sunday evening in which 40 to 50 new members were inducted into the Phi Kappa Phi honor society.

Farmer is a senior psychology major who has been in the honors program for four years.

She said the weekend was a nice end to her time at Eastern.

“It was like a goodbye party without saying ‘goodbye,'” Farmer said.

For Farmer the anxiety of presenting her thesis on “How music affects people in retail and restaurants” was a part of the experience, but the anxiety was far outweighed by the fact that it was a time for juniors and seniors to come together once again.

She said members of the honors program often have classes together during their freshman and sophomore years. It is those last years when they do not.

Gray said this is an annual event that rewards students by giving them an opportunity to showcase their work.

“I have been able to go to all four banquets during my time at EKU,” Farmer said. “It is nice to see how we all grew up.”

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