By Brandon Roberts/Sports writer

It’s that time of year again folks – when the temperature soars to the upper-70s and the pollen count in the air tests your last nerve. But if you are like me it doesn’t matter because it’s almost football season.OK, maybe not almost, but every day is a day closer. What better way to kick football fever into high gear than the annual Maroon-and-White game at Roy Kidd Stadium?

With a team ranked at the top in offensive yardage in the Ohio Valley Conference with an all-OVC candidate at quarterback and an experienced backfield, the 1,400 fans who showed up on the 17th day of April were probably expecting to see an explosive offensive display in this offense versus defense scrimmage that pits Colonel against Colonel.

There was definitely a display.

The defense got one point – one measly point – for every time it stopped the offense from scoring, a whopping three points for a turnover and a respectable six for a score off a turnover.

Even with the use of this modified scoring system, the defense defeated the offense by a score of 26-20. Touted quarterback Matt Guice went 1-for-10 passing in the first three possessions for the offense.

Then it happened: a 57-yard touchdown pass to receiver Jeff Barrett from Guice on his 13th attempt of the game gave the offense a 7-6 advantage. This was what everyone was expecting to see and read about, the offense.

But the offense would not lead again in the game.

The Colonel secondary was very effective in the game. Guice would add another touchdown and wind up seven of 15 passing for 211 yards and an interception and backup. Klay Keoster was three of nine passing and also threw an interception.

C.J. Hudson had 78 yards on 24 carries and led the Colonels on the ground.

Elias Israel had three sacks for negative 23 yards. Cardius Dowell had two sacks for negative 18 yards. Mark Christiani had two sacks. Chad Dewberry also had a sack. Takashi Walker had an interception. James Gaines had an interception. Is this a trend developing?

Spring drills ended Monday, so we’ll have to wait a few months before we know.