By Katie Weitkamp/Managing editor

Eastern now has a contract with only one office supplier. Previously the university had a contract with Office Depot via the University of Kentucky and an independent contract with Cardinal Office Systems. When UK’s contract with Office Depot ended in March, Cardinal Office Systems became Eastern’s sole supplier. “We’re allowed to use other state agencies contracts that have gone through a bid process,” said Lora Snider, director of purchasing.

She said the contract with Office Depot was written so other state agencies could use it.

UK’s contract started in February of 2002. Recently it went through another office supplier bid, and it was awarded to Boise Cascade as an exclusive contract.

While Eastern was able to use Office Depot through that contract, Eastern had its own contract with Cardinal Office Systems.

Snider said before the contract with Office Depot, Cardinal Office Systems was the sole office supplier for Eastern. She also said she does not foresee any problems with the single provider.

“Prior to (the contract with Office Depot) there were no problems,” Snyder said.

Office Depot was used about one-third as much as Cardinal Office Systems, Snider said.

“I’ve not received but one e-mail,” she said. “There hasn’t been much concern on campus.”

She said if the single provider becomes a problem the university will look into finding another provider in addition to Cardinal Office Systems. She said Eastern’s contract with Cardinal Office Systems expires this September, but there is an option to renew, which she expects the university will do.

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