Warning: Very sappy column. I realized the other week that the entire time I’ve been attending Eastern, I’ve been walking the wrong way. I’m not talking about posture or form really, but the routes I took didn’t do much for me. Then the weather warmed up. One day I was walking by the Weaver building and I smelled something that wasn’t coming from Powell, and it was nice.

Who knew the university blooms so well? Walking from my dorm to the Donovan Annex or Alumni Coliseum for class doesn’t provide a whole lot of new scenery – mostly parking lots and buildings. There are those new bushes by the parking lot that are blooming nicely, but I had no idea there was more.

The problem I have is I get set in a certain path from one building to another, running across campus or between classes, and I forget to look up. I’m very familiar with the concrete; it doesn’t change much from season to season. I’ve noticed others have the same problem.

In an effort to remedy the situation I’ve actuually made friends stop to smell the lilacs next to McGregor Hall. They look at me like I’m crazy, but that whole thing about “stopping to smell the flowers” is starting to make good ‘scents’ to me.

Missing out on the shrubbery around campus until now made me wonder what else I have missed out on – like all the clubs I could have joined, the classes I should have skipped, the people I could have gotten to know. Then I realize I didn’t miss out on anything. If I hadn’t taken the path I did I wouldn’t have my own column to write about whatever I feel like, even if it’s just the flowers blooming.

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