By Jessica L. Mullins/What’s on Tap Editor

Freedom of expression can be looked upon as one of the greatest freedoms individuals have. This expression can come in various forms, and for a group of students on campus, their form of expression is dance. These students, collectively known as the Eastern Dance Theatre, will share their passion and expression during their spring concerts at 8 p.m. Wednesday through Saturday in the O’Donnell Hall Auditorium of the Student Services Building.

The concerts are an annual tradition dating back to 1950, when the dance group began. However, as the concerts grew more popular in recent years, both fall and spring performances have been held to accommodate the overwhelming response of audiences.

The concerts will display a wide variety of dances but will emphasize modern dances, including ballroom styles and hip-hop.

Along with the variety of dances the concerts will include a variety of dancers consisting of dance minors, students who take dance classes and those who just love to dance.

With such a variety of dancers in the concert, Marianne McAdam, director of Eastern Dance Theatre, said while they all may have different experiences or talent, “all are equally successful because what they’re doing is expressing something that’s from their heart, and they find their way to do it.”

Most of the dances in the concert are choreographed by the dancers themselves under the supervision and direction of McAdam.

Anastasia McGlothlin, co-director of The Barking Dog Dance Company in Louisville, also choreographed dances for the concerts.

Along with special choreography and dance, the show will feature Jason Koontz and the Eastern Steel Drum Band.

The concert will create a relaxed, informal environment for the audience so even those who are not used to dance can feel involved as well, according to McAdam.

“Our show allows someone who is not used to seeing dance as an expression to see it and enjoy it,” McAdam said.

Among preparations for music, lighting, choreography, costumes, publicity, practice and many other behind-the-scenes aspects, members of the Eastern Dance Theatre give their full dedication to the concerts and put in many hours of hard work, according to McAdam.

“We do it because we love it and in the end, it’s a high”McAdam said.

Not only does the Eastern Dance Theatre perform for the campus and community, but the spring concert will also be performed to over 800 school children.

Reservations for tickets to the spring concerts can be made from 10 a.m. to noon Monday through Friday and from 4-5 p.m. Monday and Wednesday by calling 622-1901. Student tickets are $5 and non-student tickets are $8.