Dear Editor,
I am a concerned student that has discovered a serious problem on campus. I know that the Ravine is a place that people can hold events such as concerts, meetings or social gatherings and I respect that. What I don’t respect is people that are allowed to hold noisy events such as the 4/20 conert that was scheduled from 6 to MIDNIGHT on a Tuesday evening. This concert was a major disturbance and an annoyance to many of the students in ear shot of the Ravine. One of the biggest complaints I have about the event was that it was University sanctioned. Does the University not remember that the first priority here should be education? I know that’s why I’m here. If they want to have such an event, why not do it during the day or inside buildings such as AC or the SSB auditorium? Some may say it would interup classes, but what about interupting my and many others sleep or study time. Another problem is the rudness of Public Safety when asked if they can do something about the noise level. They were very short and rude with their response to a simple request. I believe that everyone is entitled to their right of free speech; however, why should those who do not wish to participate be punished?