Tuesday campus will elect one student to be the next student body president. Within this position lies the power for change. Below are the 10 qualities The Progress considers most important in our next SGA president.1. Keep lobbying to protect higher education from budget cuts. Over the past year§ the Student Government Association at Eastern has protested higher education cuts in Frankfort and sent out postcards to legislators expressing the need to protect education from budget cuts. The newly elected president should continue the fight for this and future state budgets.

2. Speak with students about hot topics and issues being discussed among the administration and those on campus.

3. Keep students involved in the decision-making process while there is still a decision to be made. Informing the campus community of a decision affecting them after it has already been made doesn’t allow students to give input or to plan for possible repercussions.

4. Visit student functions and be visible, accessible and approachable to the campus community.

5. Don’t be afraid to go against the grain. For instance, if the Board of Regents is voting on an issue you don’t think is in the best interest of students, speak up about it. This may mean being the only regent to vote a motion down – whatever it takes; you must stand behind the students.

6. Be knowledgeable of problems and issues facing Eastern, including budget cuts, parking, tuition and housing fees, class sizes and the student-to-teacher ratio at Eastern.

7. Investigate issues facing non-traditional students, including student activities and daycare on campus.

8. Keep striving to keep students involved on campus during weekends.

9. Look at eliminating waste in Eastern’s budget, including printing, travel and furniture expenses in each department.

10. Look at working with students to beautify the campus and its buildings – plant flowers, trees and hold campus cleanups.