By Linda Pollock/News writer

In remembrance of all those who have died in the last year, Eastern will have a memorial service at 4 p.m. Wednesday at the meditation chapel. The service will include music by students Rebecca Toney and Amber Jones with organist Shirley Moser and remarks by university President Joanne Glasser.

“Everyone who comes should come out of respect for those whom we have lost, to reflect on the ways they touched and enriched our lives and that of the university, and to participate in the healing process,” Glasser said.

There are 16 students, faculty and staff who have passed away since April 25, 2003. The students are Carroll Malone, Andy Adkins, Alycen Marie Jobe, Mark Douglas Hendricks, Kelli Smoot, Lewis McCay Ballard, Dawn Elizabeth Pritchard and Don Hoskins. Faculty and staff include John D. Rowlett, Dean Cannon, Ian Crump, Henry G. Martin, Wietse de Hoop, Bond Harris, Howard Eldot and Walt Nelson.

“I think it’s one of the ways EKU can show that they care about the campus community.” university Chaplain Patrick Nnoromele said. “It is another way to show that we value these faculty, staff and students not only when they are with us, but also when they are no longer with us… and to honor their families. It is a way we can assist the families of the deceased and bring closure to their loss of loved ones.”

The service will include time for brief eulogies and meditation. Families of the deceased are invited as well as all students, faculty and staff at Eastern.

Nnoromele describes it as “a time to honor and celebrate accomplishments and contributions of those faculty, staff and students who have passed away within the year.”

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