It has been all over the news. It has shown its face in our homes, in your churches and even in our bedrooms from time to time. It is all over classical literature, modern magazines and graces the cover of Newsstand best sellers on a daily basis. And yet we should not, cannot or will not accept it as something that is going to happen whether we accept it at all. “It”, as homosexuality is so often called, is not an “it” at all. Homosexuality is real, and those choosing to deny its existence are from the same bloodline as those before us who refused to acknowledge interracial marriage, abortion, divorce and the desegregation of schools. And yet those things are now commonplace in our society.
Even Dante recognized the fallacy in abhorring the homosexual. Although he gave them their place in hell, he gave them respect and sympathy, even longed for a time to join them in their suffering. What does this tell us about Dante? That he was a queer? A faggot? Or that he had figured out way back then the truths that today’s ministers, Christians and shallow thinkers refuse to take hold of? Dante had three places for Sex sinners in his inferno: 1) circle 2, populated by the lustful, all of which appear to be heterosexual adulterers and fornicators; 2) the third part of circle 7, populated by male homosexuals; and 3) the first bolgia of circle 8, home to seducers and panderers. *
What is going on here? How is it possible that Dante, a detached observer to the tiny amount of homosexuality in his day, could not only strive towards understanding, but also, based on his limited knowledge of the intricacies of homosexuality, find it in his heart to grieve for their suffering? While today, multitudes of those who profess love as the root and center of life, whose knowledge far exceeds Dante’s on the subject of Gay and Lesbian love, can still exude hatred and abhorrence from their every pore when encountering us sinners, sodomites and fornicators?
And now, for the rest of the story: Welcome, friends and lovers, to 2004, where the definition of nearly everything we once knew is changing and evolving. Galileo Galilei, a scientist, astronomer and mathematician was both celebrated and criticized for his beliefs in his day and time. He spent time in prison because he refused to keep his mouth shut about what he thought and felt. He introduced an idea to the world that lives on today; one that is respected among scientists and laymen. And just as the Christians and activists against homosexuality print, scream and pray their slogans in the streets, at the picket line and in the rally’s, I believe that the Homosexuals should adopt Galileo’s principal as a battle cry: One should believe what one observes to be true rather than what one has always believed in the past.
With this basic principal established, the concept of a woman loving (intimately, emotionally, physically, intellectually and otherwise) another woman, because it is happening, would create a new set of “rules” in our society. These rules, based on Galileo’s statements, would evolve into the new accepted way, just as the rules of interracial marriages and abortions are slowly creeping into our accepted viewpoints. But why am I even bothering to bring these facts to light when the universal acceptance of homosexuality is taking the same path as those issues before it? If those that I have mentioned are the vanguard for this new controversial issue, then my fears that homosexuality will never be accepted are unfounded and a waste of my valuable time. As have all the other questions of biblical morality and social ethics been put to rest over time, so will this fight against the “unnatural” act of love that is called many things, but is really, in its most fundamental form, still just love.
Dyke. Pervert. Lesbo. Faggot. Queer. Pedophile. Freak. Sinner. I hear them spewed from the mouths of the righteous from time to time and wonder what sort of person would fear another person so much that they must follow them around and slander them in the name of a higher power. Just once, I would like to see one of these people stand on their own two feet, without the crutch of their own holiness, and, person to person, give me their unique thoughts on the issue. Let them forget their bible, their god and their church for just a minute; let them come to me as a human, and not a disciple. I will come to them as who I am: A lesbian. I have no book to tell me how to be a lesbian. I have no group of supporters to stand behind me as I spew slanders at other groups. But I don’t spew slanders at groups unlike my own. I look at the world with its clique’s, sanctions and parties and I have but one thought: One should believe what one observes to be true rather than what one has always believed in the past. And by holding on to that principle, I cannot consider anyone’s beliefs to be wrong, per say, because a belief if merely a strong feeling, and feelings can be neither right nor wrong.
Dante had feelings and expressed them in his own way. I, too, have feelings, as do those who oppose my ways of thinking. To each his own, I always say, when it comes to belief systems. You don’t see me out rallying against the Christian faith, just as you won’t find me rallying against anything. My belief system is based on freedom of beliefs, where people should be left to their own judgments. Notice I didn’t say they should be allowed or permitted to believe as they do, for giving permissions and making allowances denotes that something is superior to or in control of another thing. This is simply not the case. As the world becomes more open minded, we leave those closed minded thinkers inside the box of their own creation. They’ll never see the world in any way but the way they choose, and that in itself should be a ring in Dante’s hell, for it prohibits intellectual and spiritual growth. But if we were punishing everything that everyone thought was wrong or immoral, no one would be without “sin”.