By Megan Hansen/Around & About editor

When many Eastern students were in elementary school, field day was something most people looked forward to. For lots of people field day marked the end of the school year and the beginning of summer.It has been years since most students have had the opportunity to participate in field day activities.

From 2-5 p.m. Wednesday, first-year programs and the office of housing are having a field day for first-year students in the Case Hall courtyard.

“It’s a celebration for first-year students,” said Carol Elrod, coordinator for tutoring and mentoring programs.

The field day is a celebration for all first-year programs, Elrod said. The programs that support first year students – including the tutoring and mentoring programs – and everyone who helped make their year successful will be included in the celebration.

“Aramark is throwing a picnic for us,” said Cari Wallace, associate dean of students.

The field day will include classic field day events including a three-legged race, a water balloon toss and several relay races, Elrod said.

“We will be playing chubby bunny,” Elrod said.

Chubby bunny is a game in which competitors see how many marshmallows can be stuffed in their mouth and still say “chubby bunny.”

“We will have a gold fish bowl, a hula hoop competition and Frisbee bowling,” Elrod said.

At the beginning of each school year, first-year students are introduced to campus and other first-year students during New Student Days. The field day is a closing to their first-year of school, Wallace said.

“Students might see some faces they haven’t seen since New Student Days,” Wallace said.

First-year students will receive certificates congratulating them on completing their first year of college, Elrod said.

The event not only celebrates the accomplishments of first-year students and those who helped them be successful, but also the field day marks the same thing elementary school field days marked.

“It’s an opportunity to celebrate the end of the year,” Wallace said.

The field day lets first-year students know the Eastern staff is glad they are here at Eastern.

“We want to show them we are glad they are here with us,” Elrod said. “We want to wish them the best of luck for next year too.”

Elrod said about 300 first-year students will attend the event.

If you have questions about the field day contact Elrod at 622-1383 or Wallace at 622-1682.

“We are superexcited,” Wallace said.

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