By Progress Staff

When registration began on Monday, some students were not prepared. The schedulebooks were late getting to students this semester, according to the Registrar’s Office. “We should have had them by Friday and usually we do but there was a problem with the printer,” said Linda Moberly, coordinator in the Registrar’s Office.

The schedulebooks have been online for nearly two weeks, Moberly said, allowing students to prepare their schedules. Many students met with their advisers before schedulebooks were distributed on campus. Advisers were forced to speak with advisees, to discuss plans for fall 2004 semester classes and give the registration identification number without the books for reference.

“The online is more up-to-date,” Moberly said. Departments sometimes send changes through at the last minute that can not be corrected in the printed versions, she added.

There were 15,000 books printed for the fall 2004 semester, costing the university $10,092 dollars. However, the books did get delivered late Monday afternoon.

The number of books printed this year is a drop from last year’s fall semester books when 21,000 were printed, costing the university $13,870, according to Ken Johnston, vice president of financial affairs.

Johnston and Moberly said there are no plans to stop printing hard copies of schedulebooks even though the same information is available online.

Also, a portion of the schedulebook was printed online instead of in the hard copy. Pages not printed in the hard copy that can still be found on the Web include a semester calendar, table of contents, reference guide and a guide for students explaining how to read the schedule of classes, among other things.

Marc Whitt, associate vice president for public relations and marketing, said Eastern is looking for as many ways as possible to be efficient with its printing budget and efficiently use the technology available to the school.

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