By Jill Stinson, a sophomore public relations major from Tompkinsville.

It’s my second semester at the Progress, and so far I have been fortunate enough to escape the dreadful My Turn column. Not that it is unfortunate that I get the freedom to talk freely or complain about some current issue, but rather unfortunate I have nothing important to discuss. Actually, I just have nothing to discuss that hasn’t been brought to the attention of everyone. Like most others in my field, though, I can find the words to talk about anything.

I could begin to bore readers with the betrayal of administrators and politicians who continue to raise tuition and college expenses, even though we all know they were once poor college students trying to get an education, too. Or I could tell the student body how they don’t support Eastern athletics the way they should (in hopes of getting some response from a reader).

Despite those interesting and controversial topics, I would rather ramble on about how every man, woman and child fills out an NCAA tournament bracket. When March Madness rolls around, everyone who can get their hands on one fills out a bracket, even though the majority of them have failed to watch a college basketball game all year.

It never ceases to amaze me how many people enter those $5 pots in hopes of making a quick $100.

However, most fail to realize they know absolutely nothing about college basketball. In their defense, you don’t have to know all that much, I mean a blind pig could find an acre, right? These people often succeed by picking the higher seed in each game, but that won’t always work

Why now? Why do so many people get interested when tournament time comes around? And the answer to my own question is my real complaint. People just jump on the bandwagon. People never attend a game all year, then decide to throw their support that way when tournament time rolls around.

People hop their support from one team to another depending on which team is having an above average season. How can people do it? What happened to loyalty? I don’t understand how a person could be a so-called “true fan” one year, and the moment the team goes downhill, so does their support.

From time to time I cross paths with these people. And most often, I find a way to tell them how I feel about what they do. But this time instead of telling these traitors how pathetic and distasteful they are, I just tell them throw their support wherever they like.

If they are so unconfident in their own likes, then they have no real business supporting any team. Just as they have no business filling out a tournament bracket. So please, if you don’t know enough about the sport to choose a team and stick with it, don’t just choose the one on top.

Some may think this is a crazy discussion and may not even understand why I bring it up. However, I thought it was appropriate with the start of the tournament. But there are also many out there who know I am describing what you do every year.

You pick one of the four No. 1 seeds and then say you’re a “huge St. Joe’s fan.” We all know that is not true. Then there are those who don’t even see a game all year then fill out a bracket.

Someone could have easily put Eastern in the bracket and many would have jumped on the bandwagon and bragged to all their friends back home about how they support the Colonels.

In ending my complaint about the bandwagon fans, I just ask you to watch at least one game prior to the tournament if you’re going to fill out a bracket.

I also ask you to pick a team and stick with them – win, lose or draw. But most of all, I just ask you to be loyal to the Colonels, to the Cats, to the Cards or to whomever you decide to throw your support this year.