By Stephanie Schell/Staff writier

A toga party and St. Patrick’s Day-what is the connection between the two?The Student Alumni Ambassadors are uniting the two themes for their upcoming social event.

From 9-11 p.m. on Friday in the Weaver Gymnasium, the student alumni ambassadors are having a toga party.

The toga party is in honor of St. Patrick’s Day for the 60 members of the organization.

Membership Chairman Justin Schriver admitted the two themes do not traditionally go together.

“Someone just mentioned a toga party,” Schriver said. “It sounded like fun.”

The toga party is being held in order to thank all those who have put in the hard work for the Student Alumni Ambassadors.

“We have socials and get-togethers to get to know one another better,” Schriver said. “This one is in honor of St. Patrick’s Day.”

The toga party was something the organization had not done before. According to Amy Carberry, treasurer and part of the membership committee, it is a much bigger deal than the bowling or service activities the organization has been doing in the past.

The organization has had campouts and cookouts for previous socials held by members of the Student Alumni Ambassadors.

Student Alumni Ambassadors relay alumni back to Eastern after graduation, serve tours on campus for potential students, do volunteer work at football games and work with incoming, present and past Eastern students.

“We serve students in any way possible,” Schriver said.

The toga party is completely planned, organized and funded by the Student Alumni Ambassadors.

“We do fund-raisers and care packages to raise funds; we have dues,” Schriver said.

Eastern has approximately 60 alumni ambassadors, and each ambassador is allowed to invite one guest.

Carberry is helping coordinate the toga party, and she offered some tips to anyone who plans to attend.

“Wear something green,” Carberry said. “Create your own toga.”

She suggested Hancock Fabrics and Wal-Mart have St. Patrick’s Day material that will make festive togas.

“You have to dress in a toga,” Carberry said. “We do prefer some type of under garments.”

From green punch to green togas, this group plans to hold nothing back when they honor St. Patrick’s Day.

“Everything is going to be green,” Carberry said.

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