By Melissa Engle/Assistant news editor

The list of assaults continues to grow as Public Safety added another attack to their files during spring break.On Monday, March 8, Neil Wright, director for international student services, advised Public Safety he spoke with a female student who informed him she had been “sexually abused” by another international student about two weeks earlier. The alleged abuse had been reported to Wright four days prior to his alerting public safety of the abuse.

Wright is the counselor for the international students, and as part of that role he said he must maintain their confidentiality. He said he reported the incident through channels, which led to the campus police.

“I think abuse is too strong of a word,” Wright said Tuesday. “No one was injured. There was no harm and no one was violated in the sense of rape.”

Wright would not comment about why the student waited two weeks before reporting the crime.

A suspect has been identified in the case, according to Lt. Michael Kasitz of Public Safety. Kasitz confirmed Wright’s statement Tuesday saying it was not a rape, but it was sexual contact without consent.

“It would have said rape if there was penetration, but (the report) did not say that,” Kasitz said. He added that while no one has been charged yet, there is an ongoing investigation.

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