By Stephanie Schell/Staff writer

* ONLINE EXCLUSIVE: From time to time we are forced to offer stories solely online due to the lack of space available in our print edition. Be sure to always check our online edition for additional stories not available in our print edition. Stories such as this will be tagged “online exclusive.”Women and minorities employed by Eastern as faculty or staff have an opportunity to get approved time off of regular job duties at Eastern and learn new responsibility while earning regular salary of their regular work duties.

The opportunity is made possible by the Academic Administration Internship Program available through the office of University Programs.

“(The opportunity) has been around for a number of years. It’s at least 15 years old,” said Elizabeth Wachtel, associate vice president of University Programs.

Wachtel said those who participate in the program get experience in administration and are able see if it’s an area they might be interested in.

The program was developed with women and minorities in mind she explained.

“Traditionally when the program started women and minorities were unrepresented in the administration field,” Wachtel said.

Although some may say times have changed, the program has not.

“We still want to encourage women and minorities into the administration program,” Wachtel said.

She explained accepted applicants do things like work on particular projects and attend meetings. Wachtel said interns will also “observe and learn responsibilities of higher education administrators.”

As part of the internship, faculty and staff will be able choose an administrator to shadow and observe throughout the duration of a semester in order to learn the daily work routine of an Eastern administrator.

“There are one or two applicants selected per year and paired with the administrator they chose,” Wachtel said. She added in her time at Eastern the program has produced about three or four applicants per year.

She noted although there are typically one or two applicants accepted per year, there is no set number.

She said anyone employed as faculty or staff member at Eastern should apply. Wachtel added anyone who thinks they may be interested in administration should consider the opportunity.

Those interested must fill out an application. Applicants must list three administrators they would like to work with if chosen.

“A faculty member may work with the vice president of finance to learn about budgeting and finance at Eastern,” Wachtel said as an example.

A one to two page essay also needs to be included. The essay should address the roles of university administrators in higher education today.

In addition, a letter of recommendation from the applicant’s supervisor or chair including related skills with administration and applicant’s potential success as an administrator has to be included.

The applications are due Monday. For an application or for more details contact the University Programs office at 622-2222 or stop by Coats 210.