By Katie Weitkamp/Managing editor

March 8 marked the first day students, faculty and staff were able to get new identification numbers. Previously, the university used Social Security numbers as a way of tracking records for students and employees.

When concerns were raised about the threat of identity theft, the university decided to change the numbers.

The campus community can obtain new identification numbers by logging onto the EKUDirect Web site and clicking on the “Your New EKU ID” link.

The new numbers are randomly assigned by the Banner system.

Social Security numbers may still be used for identification purposes such as accessing records and logging on to the EKUDirect Web site.

However, using Social Security numbers can be eliminated by logging onto the EKUDirect Web site. Once this is done it is possible to change the identification number back to the original Social Security number, but this can only be done once.

Julia Judd, a sophomore mathematics pre-teaching major, said she hasn’t gotten her new identification numbers yet, but she intends to use them instead of her Social Security number when she does.

“I’ll probably use the new one because it’s more secure,” she said.

Registrar Jill Allgier said she thinks the change will be positive for students.

“It’s a wonderful opportunity for the university to protect the security of the Social Security number,” Allgier said.

Nate Bascom said while the change is good, it is inconvenient for him.

“I already know this (number),” he said.

He intends to use his Social Security number rather than the new school issued one.

Allgier said her office has not received many phone calls about the new ID numbers.

She said she was expecting people to call who forgot their new number, but there have been no calls yet.

Also, Allgier said she doubts that in the future there will be many calls.

“Those who decided to utilize the higher level of security are probably conscious enough to keep their new identification number,” she said.

If anyone changes their identification number to the new university-issued number and cannot remember it, students should contact the Office of the Registrar and employees should contact Human Resources.

Social Security numbers will still be used as a primary identification number until all numbers are phased out through the new numbering system.

Also, according to the Web site, some services on campus not on the university information stems will still use Social Security numbers. These services include meal plans, libraries and co-op.

For more information visit the new identification number FAQ Web site at

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