The days of titled floors, one-color walls and rooms without carpet may finally come to an end in Eastern’s residence halls – and it won’t be missed. The Housing Office is currently drafting a 10-year master plan that is expected to include some pleasant surprises for future Eastern students and put a much needed end to the drab institutional style rooms.

James Conneely, vice president for student affairs at Eastern, discussed the plan with Board of Regents members Tuesday. He expressed the need for a fresh look throughout all residence halls – not just individual rooms – like some carpet throughout the buildings, different types of paint jobs and new computer labs.

Conneely also mentioned the need for additional apartments and suites on campus.

Although much of these changes will not come until later down the road and will probably increase the amount of money students pay to live in the residence halls – the extra money is well worth it.

Not only will these changes benefit students, but they will also benefit the university as a whole – encouraging more students to remain on campus instead of moving off and help retain students by making them feel more at home in their dorm rooms.