I was going to write this column about how on my spring break trip to Las Vegas I won all the laundry quarters I’ll need for the rest of the year, but what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas. Luckily, the last time I checked, Cincinnati was open for conversation. Going home is never easy for me; it seems like I’ve exhausted all my options for entertainment.

But last Friday when I went out with my friend Michelle, we decided to get adventurous. We decided to go to Sudsy Malone’s, a combination bar and laundry. Yes, bar and laundry.

Sudsy’s has live music every night. We scoped out the situation from the car; it looked OK. We entered – we entered a hardcore metal show.

Michelle was dressed in name brand jeans and a nice tan blouse with maroon stripes. I was wearing nice jeans, a baby-blue pop-band shirt and a cardigan. Everyone else was in black. Some people had combat boots, some people had mohawks, a lot of people had a lot of eyeliner. We were obviously not there for the party.

So we played “Miss Pac-man,” and sat on some washers to watch the show.

We were approached by a large man, wanting to know who we were there to see. Instead of picking one of the four bands scheduled to play that night, I gave him the answer straight:

“We came to see the washers and dryers.”

At first he didn’t believe me. I guess maybe it seemed weird that two girls would show up at a bar on a Friday night to see the laundering services.

I gained his trust and he said that’s what Sudsy’s needs, more curious people just checking out a new scene.

I’ve seen metal bands before in battles of the bands, but this was my first metal-only concert. And I didn’t hate it.

So to broaden my horizons even further, I’m looking for a good salsa bar/post office. If anyone knows of any, please contact me.

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