Many students, faculty and staff have more to worry about than writing or grading term papers. Instead some are worrying about runny noses and shoes with laces tied in knots. The university needs to listen to the needs of these people. Eastern once had affordable daycare on campus, but now the only option is one many cannot afford.

For some the alternatives are to bring their children to class or keep them in another daycare while they are in school and hold down a job to pay for the cost of such services.

These are problems with which Eastern should be concerned because of the high number of parents who are also students. Sometimes these students are forced to bring their children to school with them because their sitter cancelled – because they could not afford the daycare bill for that day.

The addition of an affordable daycare would enhance the quality of Eastern, offering more on-campus jobs and providing a much needed service for the campus community.

There seems to be enough interest in a daycare that it is not a question whether or not it would be used.

To keep students and entice more people to enroll the university must set a daycare system that is affordable and convenient for students.