By Roger Lee Osborne/Who’s that editor

Former university photographer Tim Webb always knew when he would be ready to step down from his position. That time came Jan. 23 when he officially ended his career of recording Eastern’s history through photos.”I felt it was time to go out on my own. I’ve got three kids at home and I wanted to spend a little more time with them,” Webb said. “I always think about what coach Kidd used to say about coaching, that he would always know when it was time to step down. I just felt like it was time.”

Webb, a 1992 journalism graduate from Eastern, said he started at The Eastern Progress, a job he said helped to construct the photographer he would become.

“Eastern made me very versatile. I wasn’t very great at any one type, but I had to be fairly good (at) all sorts of photography. It’s unique that I got to shoot everything from athletics to academics to student life and usually got the best seat.”

Webb’s plans for the future include free-lance work and wedding photography, a style he has made his own.

“I do photojournalism style with weddings. When I first started I did really good candid shots, then I went to work for a portrait studio,” he said. “That taught me lighting and posing. I just kind of slammed the two together and created a style that was mostly photojournalism.”

The style Webb has created as his own doesn’t have to include a studio – he prefers to “just be a fly on the wall.”

“I really enjoy doing location. I’ve never really wanted a studio. With weddings the church is my studio,” Webb said. “To be honest there are enough studios in the area, and I want to try and fill a niche that’s not there.”

Through the years the job has allowed Webb to help project an image of Eastern, a job he knows will have an historical impact on the way Eastern has been documented over time.

“An incoming high school freshman is most of the time seeing the university through my eyes. I always wanted to photograph Eastern in a way that would make a high school student want to come here,” he said. “I know that may sound like a plug for the admissions department, but it really was my job. I was the eye of the university.”

Webb has been married for 10 years to his wife Natalie. They have three children together, one of his biggest reasons for stepping down as university photographer, he said.

“It’s not ideal to be a photographer and have a family. I wanted to try and spend a little more time with them,” he said. “As a photographer you take pictures of events and those events happen seven days a week and usually after hours.”

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