I hate holiday shopping

I hate holiday shopping, but I like giving presents. I always try to come up with something nice to give my friends, something unique, maybe something I made or something corny, but I’ve learned giving and making the perfect gift is a skill I clearly don’t posses.

Sometimes, or maybe I should say most of the time, I get lazy and run out to the mall to find the perfect gift rather than making one. By the time I suck it up and head out through the cold, all the good presents are sold out.

Christmas shopping causes stress that I just can’t deal with. There you stand in a store, little kids running around, dropping their mittens and you have to laugh, then their mom comes and runs over you in an attempt to keep the kid in line. Moms get ruthless at this time of year; they obviously feel the stress too.

The day after Thanksgiving I woke up at 5:25 a.m. to go shopping with my mom, sister-in-law and a friend who had never experienced the frenzy. I don’t recommend it. When we got to Target where everyone met in the electronics/music section, with everyone else in the world; it seems everyone had the same agenda: DVDs, DVD players, CDs and every now and then, a stereo. And I found nothing.

From now on I’m considering only asking for gift certificates, or things you can buy at That way my friends and family won’t have to wade through the sea of holiday shoppers and give themselves ulcers driving through the mall parking lot.

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