August 25
Rontai Walker reported $95 had been stolen from a lock box in Clay Hall sometime during the weekend. Benjamin R. Quire, 23, resident of Martin Hall, was cited with possession of marijuana and drug paraphernalia.

August 26
An assault was reported near the Burrier Building. The victim was jogging and heard someone say “hey.” She stopped as the suspect approached. After asking if she went to Eastern, the suspect pulled the victim into the bushes near Burrier. As the suspect attempted to pull down her shorts the victim pulled away and hit the suspect in the face. The suspect let go and the victim ran away. The suspect is a white male with brown hair and a goatee.

Annie Maciarello, of Burnam Hall, reported harassing phone calls from an unidentified female.

Jeremy Scrimager, of Keene Hall, reported that someone had broken into his vehicle parked in Alumni Coliseum and broke the passenger side window. His CD player and amplifier were missing.

Harrison W. Strain, of the Lexington Herald-Leader, reported a metal newspaper rack had been taken from the Palmer Hall Lobby.

Frank Hardwick, night supervisor at Clay Hall, reported black marker graffiti on the wall outside a room in Clay Hall.

A juvenile resident of Keene Hall was cited with possession of marijuana and drug paraphernalia.

August 27
Officer Roger Solomon reported a vehicle in the Lancaster Lot had been broken into. The suspect attempted to remove the car stereo. Nothing else was missing and fingerprints will be taken.

Another vehicle in Lancaster Lot was broken into through the driver’s side window. The car stereo was stolen from the vehicle. Security cameras were facing the opposite direction and did not catch the act on tape.

Ann Cotton reported a flag stolen from the Student Services Building.

Kortney M. Prater, 22, of Lexington, was cited for possession of marijuana and a suspended driver’s license.

August 28
Carrie A. Seaver, 19, of Burnam Hall, was arrested and charged with alcohol intoxication.

Carlos K. Pittman, 22, of Liberty, and Brandon L. Johnson, 21, of Windsor, were arrested and charged with drinking alcoholic beverages in public and alcohol intoxication.

August 29
Doug Hall, night supervisor of Commonwealth Hall, reported a fight in front of the residence. Neither suspect wanted to file criminal charges.

Emily M. Schlomer, 19, of Walters Hall, was arrested and charged with alcohol intoxication.