By Adam Baker/News editor

As the university continues to grow, so do the needs of students at Eastern. According to Housing and Resident Life Director Kenna Middleton, that is why her department is searching for additional administrators to help assist the growing number of students filling residence halls.Searches are currently under way to fill the recently added Housing positions of associate director of business affairs, associate director of academic initiatives, assistant director of facilities and assistant director of university apartments.

“Our department is growing and the needs of the students we serve continue to increase,” Middleton said. “These positions will assist us in meeting those needs.”

Vice President of Student Affairs James Conneely said the new positions will allow Housing to “enhance the quality of life in the residence halls.”

“They will also allow us to … meet the expectations and needs of the EKU students,” he said.

However, some may question the decision to add extra expenses, like the addition of four new positions while in the middle of the university’s budget crunch. Middleton explained the money for these positions will not be extracted from the university’s operating budget.

“The funding for these positions comes out of auxiliary funds,” she said. “I do feel that these positions are crucial as we take our department to the next level.”

The associate director for business affairs will be hired to oversee the financial and business aspect of housing operations.

“This will include tracking income and expenditures, managing all budgets, preparing financial statements, long range financial planning, coordinating the technological services for the department and overseeing the housing assignment process,” Middleton said.

The person taking the title of associate director of academic initiatives will design and implement outside of the classroom enrichment opportunities.

“This person will coordinate administrative assessment, budgeting, risk management and scheduling for the residential education programming that takes place in our (residence) halls,” Middleton said.

The position of assistant director for facilities, Middleton explained, will act as a liaison between Housing and the university’s Facilities Services.

“They will assist in the establishment of long range planning for renovation and new construction and coordinate the budgetary aspects of facilities management,” she said.

Middleton added the person hired as the assistant director for facilities will oversee the day-to-day facility operations related to housing as well.

Duties for the assistant director for apartments will include meeting the “residence life” aspect of students living in campus apartments.

“This will mainly include crisis intervention, community development and family programming,” she said. “Additionally, this person will coordinate strategic planning and assessments for new apartment facilities that may be built in the future.”

Middleton siad search committees for the new positions are currently in “a variety of stages in the interviewing process.”

Connely noted “our hope is to have these posistions filled by the end of the month.”

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