By Heather Stephenson/Staff writer

Once again, another budget cut is affecting the university. Largely due to the possible conservation of thousands of dollars, the EKUpdate has recently switched to an electronic only newsletter. Distributed by Eastern’s Public Relations Office, the EKUpdate is a bi-weekly newsletter for faculty and staff on campus.

Aug. 18 was the first issue of the newsletter that was not published in print. Although people are now limited to how they receive the newsletter, this allows the newsletter’s staff to have a later deadline, meaning there will be more up-to-date news and information.

The cost cut from printing the paper has saved the public relations department thousands of dollars, which is recycled to the department enabling use on other resources, said Marc Whitt, associate vice president for public relations and marketing.

“With this money, the department plans to increase the content of the alumni magazines, which will cause more contact with alumni,” Whitt said.

Not only does this save money, but in the future the online version also will get delivered straight to the staffers’ e-mail mailboxes given that most people have access to the Internet, Whitt explained.

“Currently there is not a subscription for the newsletter for faculty,” said Karen Lynn, EKUpdate editor. “However that may change soon.”

The new online version makes news stories and information more available when a reader is looking for an interesting piece. Also, there is an archive on the Web site so a reader can look up information from past issues.

Unfortunately, this does mean that to receive the EKUpdate, one has to be at a computer. However, there is a print option to the site for a personal print version.

Currently the new online version can be seen at

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