At Eastern, dozens of people can gain access to your Social Security number on a daily basis, but the new ID system, which will be implemented within the next six months, will put an end to that. Since the Internet became a source of shopping, banking and credit reports, people have become more sensitive to the use of Social Security numbers. And finally Eastern is doing their part to help ease the fear on campus.

The new identification numbers will replace Social Security numbers used to access student reports as well as meal plans and campus money accounts.

It is not advised to carry your social security card in your wallet, because it becomes easy to steal. Basically every bit of one’s personal information can be accessed with those nine private digits. Once these numbers are known by someone else, your identify can be stolen in an instant.

But even if you didn’t carry your Social Security card around, Eastern’s school ID card was just as bad, maybe worse. Not only did it have the digits, but also a photo.

Logging onto the university Web site, cashing a check on campus, just about anything you use your ID for required that you give your Social Security number. When checking into residence halls, student workers and anyone else has access to this number.

Most people aren’t worried about identity theft, especially on a college campus, however, the university is supposed to make students feel safe. We are finally moving toward, not just physical safety, but credit safety and personal safety.

The process of changing ID numbers may be difficult, and even remembering the new number may be daunting at first, but the change is welcome on this campus and shows a step in the right direction for the university.