By Cinday Held, a sophomore journalism major from Richmond. She is the What’s on Tap editor for The Pro

As I walked to my car in the Alumni Coliseum Lot, I noticed the flowers in front, and then I noticed a discarded paper bag next to them. It made me mad to see such disrespect to a well-manicured flowerbed.

It also made me realize how much work somebody must have put into that flowerbed. Not to mention the many other flowerbeds, trees, shrubs and all other greenery on campus.

Once I actually stopped to think about all the beautiful landscaping on Eastern’s campus, I realized that it must take an enormous amount of work and dedication for the upkeep of them.

In addition, none of it would be possible without the men and women of the campus’ grounds crew.

I always hear from people who visit Eastern that it’s a gorgeous campus, and they’re right – it truly is “The Campus Beautiful.” The beauty exhibited by the tons of tulips in front of the Roark Building and in front of the president’s house in the spring help to extend university pride.

The new flowers wherever you walk create an inviting scene for students as well as staff and anyone who visits. The beauty doesn’t stop in the spring, though.

Year around, our flowerbeds are never bare, sidewalks and grassy areas are always clean, and it’s always aesthetically pleasing.

The Ravine is by far my favorite place on campus. It gives that relaxing “park” feel that offers a reprieve from the stresses of class. Students can just go there to take a load off while enjoying the outdoors. And all of us look forward to those classes our professors will let us have in the Ravine.

I guess I always took for granted just how nice it is to have a place like that at Eastern. I hate mowing my lawn, so I can’t imagine mowing the grounds on campus, yet I always see them clean cut and in impeccable shape.

I would like to say thank you to everyone who works to make our campus pleasing to the eye.

Thank you for making the walk to class and breaks in between classes enjoyable and relaxing. Take time today to stop and smell the roses because you deserve it. Our campus is beautiful thanks to you.