The Housing Office is offering new programs for residents. Copy editor Melissa Engle asked students how they felt about the changes.Giner James
Hometown: Covington
Major: Accounting
Year: Junior

“I haven’t seen any change. I think (RAs) are required to do something twice a month and she has yet to do anything.”

Logan McReynolds
Hometown: Evansville, Ind.
Major: Police science
Year: Junior

“I didn’t notice anything.”

Charles Price
Hometown: Harlan County
Major: Computer
Year: Freshman

“I think our floor might do something for the first home game.”

Zachary Cantrell
Hometown: Elkhorn City
Major: Graphic design
Year: Senior

“We have this new RA and he’s asked us to submit our own ideas for group things. It seems like we’ll be doing more.”