By Katie Weitkamp/Managing editor

The Confederacy won – at least in Richmond. On Saturday and Sunday 250 civilians dressed in Civil War garb to participate in the second annual Battle of Richmond Reenactment.The weekend event drew history buffs from all over the United States and allowed the community to interact with history.

Nathan Napier, a senior history major, went to the reenactment as a spectator and left as a participant.

“You get a totally different impression when you’re looking down a gun than you do when you watch from the sidelines,” Napier said.

He said that following his experience in Richmond he plans on joining a reenactment group. The Confederacy group that participated in Richmond is planning on doing a reenactment in Michigan next; Napier hopes to be able to stay with the group.

He said it was easy to join the group, all he had to do was tell someone he was interested. Once he did, he was given a spare uniform and participated on the second day.

On the second day, however, there was a lack of Union soldiers, Napier said. Many people participating in reenactments purchase uniforms representing both armies so they can fill in when soldiers for the other side are needed, which is what happened during the weekend.

“The other reenactors said it wasn’t one of the better events they had been to, but I personally thought it went well,” Napier said.

Rebecca Vincent, a senior elementary education major was also able to participate in the activities. This was her second year to participate in the Battle of Richmond reenactment.

She was able to sell pottery that she made in an independent study class in art.

“I did pretty well,” Vincent said. “My pottery began to really look like the pieces from the time period and city I studied.”

She was impressed with the crowd, but not the rain. She has been involved with other reenactments, including the Battle of Perryville, and has been successful with her pottery sales.

The Battle of Richmond took place Aug. 29-30, 1862. The reenactment was held at Pleasant View Herndon Farm. In the future, the site will be home to the Battlefield Park and Battle of Richmond Visitor’s Center and Museum.

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