By Katie Weitkamp/The Studio editor

Jackie Chan is an action star for people who really don’t like action adventures. His recent film “The Medallion” in which Chan plays a Hong Kong cop, wouldn’t be worth watching at all if he weren’t the star.The plot is a little far fetched, based on an ancient religious belief, Eddie Yang (Chan) has to save a religious figure child that is sought after by, Snakehead (Julian Sands), who is seeking the power of immortality. This means he has to kidnap a child. Yang is on the case and follows them to Dublin.

The fight scenes between Yang and Snakehead are great, like all of Chan’s other movies, but somehow the immortality also brings anti-gravity.

Chan was supported by Claire Forlani, who played Nicole James and also serves as a love interest and maternal figure for the child, a Chinese boy, with a British accent.

Also starring was Lee Evans who played Arthur Watson, an incompetent cop Chan worked with in Hong Kong, and again in Dublin. Watson’s incompetence, at first is cute, but later gets annoying. Also, Forlani says to Chan he is needed for the assignment, however never explains why or how, and the plot doesn’t answer that question either.

There are also other unexplained events, like a random and unexplained scene where Chan and Forlani do the “Twist.” Also, Watson’s wife is under the impression he is a librarian, however she is fully aware of where the weapons he owns are stored and she also appears to be trained on them.

Technically, the lighting, setting and sound were all very good. The best shots were in the beginning —the night shots on the streets of Hong King, but the scenery in Dublin was also shot well.

“The Medallion” is not one of Chan’s best flicks, but it is also not his worst acting job. I was not impressed with the movie, but I was impressed with Chan’s moves, as always.

I give “The Medallion” three palettes out of five.

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