By Sara Tyree/Around&About editor

It’s the start of another year, and that means the Greeks are on the prowl. No, the dead ancient masterminds of western civilization are not coming back to get us; fraternities and sororities are back and ready to recruit.

The Greek community has already sprung into action and is busy encouraging motivated students to take a look.

Opportunities for leadership, community service, scholarships and brotherhood and sisterhood are right at students’ fingertips.

Judging from the hustle and bustle, this is an important week for the fraternities and sororities.

The Greeks are everywhere, running around in their Greek gear recruiting like crazy.

Former four year Delta Zeta member Stacey Webb said that this week is about introducing new recruits to the Greek organizations on campus and showing them all the different Greek groups.

“It’s a get-to-know-you time,” Webb said. “In the sororities, there are interviews, skits and group discussions throughout the week to help the new girls learn more about their options and to meet new people so that they can decide on the sorority they want to join.”

Fraternities are less formal and rituals are different, but the basic orientation techniques (ice breakers and get-to-know each other activities) are similar no matter how they are carried out.

Many freshmen go Greek because they don’t know anyone on campus. Some join for service opportunities. Others know people already involved and have heard great things about it.
Whatever the reason, the Greeks are out there. They are looking for interested students with positive attitudes who are ready to learn and grow along with the established members.

For those interested, flyers will be posted around campus including recruitment schedules for the week. Just call your neighborhood/campus-friendly Greek guy or gal to get more information.

If you want, go for it. People are just waiting and ready to help you.