By Adam Baker/News editor

The Madison County Grand Jury dismissed second-degree manslaughter charges against former Eastern football player Remond Goode. The grand jury found no evidence to indict Goode for the murder of Sanford “Champ” Baskin IV, another former Eastern football player, according to the grand jury report entered on May 8.

The jury, in their report, called the incident “a tragic death which should not have happened,” noting it was “just plain stupid.”

They extended their condolences to the Baskin family and added they hope “all persons involved in this matter learn a valuable lesson.”

Goode was charged for the crime April 13 after Baskin was shot on Sizemore Drive in Richmond, following a reported fight between the two men over a car stereo.

Kelly Hensley, a Richmond Police detective, testified at a preliminary hearing April 23 that Goode and Baskin had several verbal altercations throughout the day during two barbeques that were unrelated.

Brandy Stumbo, who lives with Goode, said during the hearing that at some point during the evening Goode went to his car and retrieved a .45 hand gun. She stated when Goode returned from the vehicle to their apartment, Baskin ran past her and tackled Goode in the kitchen. The two struggled in the kitchen and Baskin was shot during the altercation.

He was taken to Pattie A. Clay Regional Medical Center where he was pronounced dead.

Before the shooting, police were already en route to the residence after receiving a 911 call that a male was shooting a .22 rifle out of a window in apartment 1. The male later was identified as Goode.