By Adam Baker/News editor

After just five short months on campus, Eastern Athletics Director John Shafer and his wife already are giving back in a big way. The John and Dianne Shafer Endowed Scholarship will award $10,000 – of the Shafer’s own money – to one worthy student.

“Dianne and I are both first-generation college graduates,” Shafer told The Progress. “If it hadn’t been for scholarship and financial aid, we could not have gone.”

Shafer calls the academic scholarship a way to “give back” and show he and his wife’s strong belief in academics.

President Joanne Glasser told The Progress she is “very pleased” to hear about the endowment, and said it is “an indication of their (the Shafer’s) commitment to this institution.”

Glasser added it is important for other donors to see “members of the university community support the university from within.”

Students eligible for the scholarship must score at least a 20 on their ACT and show financial need. Individuals may apply through the university’s scholarship office. The selection process will be handled by the university, not the Shafer’s.

The Shafer’s endowment will allow for one scholarship to be given each year. Although the scholarship is not automatically renewed to the recipient for the following year, the student may reapply, Shafer said.

*For more information regarding the scholarship or for deadlines, contact the scholarship office at 622-8032