Letter From Army 1st Lt. Jeffrey Kaylor

Sunday, April 27, 2003; Page A19 Army 1st Lt. Jeffrey KaylorHey, . . . A couple of weeks ago some of the redskins and wizard cheerleaders came to Kuwait and did a dance and music performance. The soldiers really liked it and they behaved rather well for guys that haven’t really seen a good-looking girl in over 4 or 5 months. . . . Jenna hasn’t been told she is deploying yet. I will probably know about it before she will. It doesn’t look like we are coming home on our scheduled return time. Well, I have to go now.It was good to hear what is going on at home.Love, JeffKaylor, 24, of Clifton, Va., was killed April 7 in a grenade attack.April 23,2003With U.S. forces defending freedom in Afghanistan and Iraq, for some at the cost of their lives, these have been busy days at the nation’s preeminent military cemetery. At least five other service members who died in Iraq will be buried at Arlington this week, including today’s service for Army 1st Lt. Jeffrey J. Kaylor, of Clifton. Kaylor, 24, a graduate of Centreville High School, was killed April 7 in a grenade attack about 20 miles outside Baghdad. He is survived by his wife Jenna, a 2nd lieutenant in the Army.The two met as members of Virginia Tech’s Corps of Cadets. Like Aitken, Kaylor was assigned to Fort Stewart, with the 39th Field Artillery. He was deployed to the Middle East last August; his wife was serving in Kuwait at the time of his death.Yesterday, Jenna Kaylor had this to say about her husband of 15 months: “Since the day Jeff entered my life, I have carried his soul with me everywhere. He is my strength, my love, my passion, my life. . . . The world is not complete without him — I am not complete.” The family has requested a private funeral.