*The following reports have been filed with Eastern’s Divison of Public Safety.April 4
Heather Strunk reported someone had taken some of her laundry from the laundry room in Telford Hall.

Drew Ramey, Dupree Hall area coordinator, reported that a student had some clothing items damaged in the dryer in the fourth floor laundry room of Dupree Hall. The victim told the officer he put a load of dark clothes in the dryer and walked out leaving his bleach, dryer sheets and laundry detergent sitting on the dryers. When he returned about 15 minutes later, his dryer sheets were all missing from the box and someone had dumped almost the entire half gallon of Clorox Bleach in his dryer full of dark colored clothes.

Matt Horn reported that a custodian in Keene Hall discovered a broken window at the second floor laundry room.

April 5
Joshua K. Fields, 18, of Cynthiana, was arrested and charged with alcohol intoxication.
Christopher A. Jones, 19, of Sadieville, was arrested and charged with alcohol intoxication.

Lisa Hackney reported someone had slashed the rear driver’s side tire on her vehicle while it was parked in Commonwealth Lot.

Richard Tussey reported that possible criminal mischief had taken place at the EKU Army R.O.T.C. tower. The fence surrounding the tower had been pried up to allow entry to the tower and a small amount of paint from paintball guns was found on the top floor of the tower.

April 6
Robert E. Mitchell, 50, of Richmond, was arrested and charged with alcohol intoxication.

Alvin Peterkin, night supervisor of Dupree Hall, reported damage to the eighth floor bathroom. A ceiling tile was broken in the hallway in front of the bathroom doors, three stall doors were broken at the hinges and their frames were damaged, and a broken beer bottle was found.

April 7
Tyler A. Vorbeck, 18, of Richmond, was arrested and charged with operating on a suspended operator’s license and disregarding a traffic control device.

Roger Solomon reported a vehicle had been broken into in the Alumni Coliseum Parking Lot. The glass was broken out of the driver’s side front and rear windows and a car stereo had been removed. The reporting officer contacted the owner of the vehicle, A. Gibson. Gibson told the officer that other missing items included two black leather CD cases with about 30 CDs in each and two concert tickets.

A Todd Hall resident reported she was assaulted.

Larry Scott reported that his laptop was stolen from his table in the south side of the Powell Building lobby when he left for about 10 minutes.

April 8
Ivan C. Watts, 19, of Richmond, was arrested and charged with having no operator’s license and no insurance.

Doug Hall, on staff at Commonwealth Hall, reported possible criminal mischief on the seventh floor. Someone had removed most of the screws (11 screws in all) from the hinge plates that hold the trash chute door to the frame. The “wrap around” had been damaged on the lock of the door of the seventh floor janitor’s closet.

April 9
A Telford Hall resident reported receiving a threatening message on her answering machine.

Justin Gadlage, 18, of Louisville, was charged with criminal trespassing in the second degree. He was found by an officer in the women’s locker room of Alumni Coliseum.

April 10
Scott Metcalf reported that someone came to his house on Lancaster Avenue to pick up a letter and kicked the door after closing it, causing the window in the front door to shatter.

April 11
Chad A. Burrows, 22, of Berea, was arrested and charged with operating on a suspended operator’s license, having an improper registration plate-expired decal and no insurance.