Imagine being a young child and waking up Easter morning — wiping the sleep from your eyes — then running to your Easter basket. The excitement and anticipation brings a grin from ear to ear as you approach the pastel colored basket. All night your dreams were filled with the hopes of sugar-filled candy, chocolate bunnies and the famous Easter favorite — marshmallow Peeps.

However, now picture standing over your Easter basket to find nothing but plastic green grass. Your eyes tear as you look at your parents for answers and ask: “why did the Easter Bunny forget me?”

Sadly, this may be the scenario for needy children of Madison Avenue Apartments and Brockton Family Housing after lack of volunteers caused the cancellation of a program geared toward providing them and their families with a memorable Easter.

Adam Carter, residence hall coordinator, put the program together early this month. The original dates were April 12 and 13, but the event was later forced to be postponed due to lack of volunteers.

Carter contacted numerous campus organizations, but still could not round up enough volunteers to continue the program.

After his search for good-hearted students came up short, the event had to be shut down altogether.

Even though Carter specifically asked student organization members, we at The Progress cannot comprehend why anybody would turn down the opportunity to help disadvantaged children.

Now, due to insufficient student participation, nearly 60 children that the event planned to aid, may go without a full Easter basket this year.

So, as students awake Easter morning, let us remind them of the children, not only here in Madison County, but all over the nation who will be without a decent Easter this year.

Students should also keep those innocent, empty-handed little children in mind the next time they see the need for help in a particular program of this kind. There is no excuse for turning down volunteer work and ruining a child’s Easter.