By Katie Weitkamp/Around&About editor

They’re doing it all night, fund-raising for cancer, that is. From 6 p.m. to 6 a.m. starting April 25, Eastern’s newest campus organization, Colleges Against Cancer, will be hosting a Relay for Life. The Relay is done in conjunction with the American Cancer Society and is meant to raise money for the organization.

“This is going to be different from any other relay because it’s the first of its kind at Eastern,” said Jessica Runyon, publicity chair. “This is the first one on our campus ever.”

The organization says it’s more than just a relay, it’s a chance to celebrate life, educate people about the threat cancer poses and the options people have when diagnosed.

For Kim Slone, the team recruitment chair, the event has a deeper meaning. Slone’s mother died of cancer, sparking her interest to help raise funds for cancer research. Now a senior public relations major, Slone interned last summer at the American Cancer Society, which helped give her the idea for the event.

Slone said the reason the event lasts all night is to keep people aware that cancer never sleeps. The setting of the sun symbolizes the end of what was thought to be a healthy life, darkness symbolizes how scary the disease can seem, but sunrise gives hope to a new day.

Eastern isn’t the only school hosting the event. The University of Georgia hosts one of the biggest events. The University of Kentucky and Morehead State University will be hosting the same type of races on the same night.

Relay teams will include eight-15 people who hope to raise $1,000 per team. A registration fee of $100 is required to join in the event to make sure the teams are serious about competing, but money can be raised several different ways.

Eastern’s goal is $20,000. Right now there is a total of 18 teams, but teams can join until the day of the event. Every organization on campus is encouraged to create a team and participate in the fund-raiser.

In addition to the relays, there will be games, food and music. One of the other fund-raisers is a car-smashing event. A donated car, with several different types of cancers written on it, will be smashed with sledge hammers.

At 11 p.m., a luminary ceremony will be held for people who died of, have and have survived cancer. Names of cancer victims and survivors will be written on white bags, and a candle will be lit inside. Also at that time, a victory lap will be taken by anyone who has survived cancer. For people who still have cancer and who are unable, a friend or family member may walk for them.

To participate in the Relay for Life on Eastern’s campus, contact Nicole Wenzel at 622-5742 or Slone at 626-4032. Also, today at Powell Corner, Colleges Against Cancer will have an informational booth where you can ask questions or sign up to participate.