Ten members of Eastern’s Honorary Pershing Rifles Society brought home several awards from the 2003 National Pershing Rifles National Conference held March 22 in Toledo, Ohio.The competition consisted of various drill and ceremony events that tested the skills of 18 colleges and universities from across the nation.

Steven White, commander and president of the Pershing Rifles R-1, said nearly 120 cadets participated in the national event, 10 of whom were from Eastern.

Eastern’s team earned third place in the color guard competition, placed within the top 10 of the IDR Squad Drill and took 1st place in the IDR Knockout event.

White said he was honored with the accomplishment, but feels the team deserves more.

“They put a lot of time and effort in to it,” he said. “It takes a lot of discipline to not only place so high, but be so dedicated.”

However, these high awards did not come easy. White explained team training takes place year round and an intense workout began three weeks prior to the national competition.

“They (the team) were giving up Saturdays to practice and nights that they could have easily gone out and partied,” White said. “But they were at home squaring away uniforms and going over commands.”