*The following reports have been filed with Eastern’s Division of Public Safety.April 1
A fire alarm was activated in the Bizzack Law Enforcement Complex.
The resident of the room told the officer he hung a shirt on the sprinkler head and when he pulled the shirt off, the sprinkler head broke causing massive amounts of water to spill into the room.
The arriving officer reported significant water damage to rooms 204, 206 and 106 and the hallway outside those rooms.

Lee Risk reported the theft of a bassoon from the Foster Music Building.

Pam Centers reported the theft of a projector from Room 455 in the Wallace Building.

Tess Sibcy reported that her vehicle, which was parked in front of Telford Hall, had been written on with shaving cream and shoe polish.

April 2
Jessica Lynn Hale, 26, of Richmond, was arrested and charged with alcohol intoxication.

Holly Lovings reported that someone took her backpack from the lobby of the Begley Building. She described it as a black mesh Jan Sport backpack worth approximately $40.
She said that the books in her backpack were worth around $68. Lovings said she and two other classmates left their backpacks there while they went to the track and walked for approximately 50 minutes.

April 4
A Dupree Hall resident reported receiving a harassing phone call.

Lindsay Proski, a Brockton resident, reported that she and her roommate were sleeping when they heard their window break. There were no projectiles found in the area of the window that might have caused it to break.

John Crutcher reported someone had taken a tackling dummy from the first floor hallway of the Moberly Building. The dummy was described as a 6-foot round tackling dummy that is red. The estimated weight is 250 pounds.

Diana Pence reported that someone had kicked in a door to the kitchen area of Model Laboratory Cafeteria.