Billy Bennett, this country does not need an ingrate like you to represent our country as a troop in war. I could not be more grateful that you asked to retire in May. I agree with you that it is a terrible loss to lose innocent women and children in war, but it a price of war that is inevitable. Lives are lost in order to guarantee peace. You question the “justification for using war to bring about peace.” The justification is simple…to ensure peace for the long run. This is illustrated through the Civil War and World War II. During the Civil War, the north fought for the freedom and liberation of slaves just as we are fighting for the freedom and liberation of the Iraqi people. Like the Civil War unifying the United States after the end of the war, this war with Iraq is to unify the people of Iraq. My other example is U.S. soldiers coming together to eliminate Hitler’s regime in Germany during World War II. The United States helped to abolish Hitler’s regime and free the Jews and other captives in concentration camps.
Do you not watch the news to see the Iraqi people cheering U.S. soldiers as they enter towns and how happy they were to celebrate with the fall of Baghdad to the U.S.? Do you not see how happy these people are? I simply cannot understand why you do not want the people of Iraq, you know those same innocent women and children you seemed so concerned about, to enjoy the same type of freedom you have here in America. You know that same freedom you take for granted. You take it for granted by not respecting those troops, the same ones you have worked alongside and trained with, who fight for our freedom and rights. I want you and other protesters to ask yourself, “how do you think you make those brave troops, who are doing their duty by protecting our country, feel by seeing ungrateful protesters like yourself showing disrespect by disagreeing with their reason for fighting overseas.
In close, Billy Bennett, other Colonels for Peace, and other protesters, before you go around to teach-ins, demonstrations, and debates, please educate yourselves before attempting to brainwash, or in your terms “educate,” others.Jennifer Harrison
Eastern Student, Senior