By Brett Gibson/Sports editor

Eastern’s paintball club is set and ready to shoot for a national championship next week as they travel to Joliet, Ill. on April 12 to compete against anywhere from 50 to 60 teams across the country.The paintball club was founded and headed by President Dan Robinson and Vice President Matt Turner. Both Robinson and Turner take rolls on the team as co-captains and handle many of the responsibilities dealing with the club.

They recently hosted a three-on-three tournament on the Intramural fields in conjunction with Eastern’s First Weekend Activities.

Eastern’s regular practice ground is in London, KY at Extreme Haven Paintball.

” The owner, Matt Orr, has been very helpful with letting us have private practices at his
field and helping us with paint costs,” Turner said.

This season Turner said the team has been focusing on practicing for nationals and they hope to enter several college tournaments in surrounding states next semester.

In order to be able to compete at the national level each member of the club must be a registered full time student at the university they are representing. The National Collegiate Paintball Champions (NCPC) provides a cheap and competitive way for clubs to compete against each other in paintball tournaments.

The object of paintball is to capture the flag without being hit by the opponents. At Nationals, six fields will be used to play the preliminary games. The best score in each division will move on to the semi-finals and then the finals. Each club will play six preliminary games where each team will be awarded points when one team eliminates another member of the opposite team. Each team can also earn points for pulling the flag located in the center of the playing field.

For more information on how to join the club or to learn more about the Paintball Club, visit their official Web site at