Money comes first, not studentsI am frustrated with Eastern Kentucky University’s new financial policies. Our motto is EKU … Where Students Come First. Eastern’s motto could be EKU … Where Monies Come First. I have holds preventing me from the registration of classes because I owe money to the university for past due rent. This was a problem normally solved by allowing me to float money received from financial aid at the beginning of each new semester.

Bonnie Roop used to be able to take care of these problems. I would sign a note allowing EKU to take any past due money at the beginning of a new semester and not worry about getting into classes. Now it’s a big deal for a hold to be released. I sure don’t want to be enrolled for another two semesters because I can’t get into my classes because they are full. I now have to set up an appointment with her boss and beg; promising in person and in letter I will pay the university the money owed. All this red tape is keeping me from choosing classes I need to graduate. I require about 10 more hours before I can wear the funny hat and black gown at the graduation ceremony.

It’s no secret most students from southeast Kentucky use financial aid to supplement their education. We live in an economically depressed area and financial aid is the only way most of us can go to an institution of higher learning. So, I have always floated my financial aid knowing the balance would be paid in full at the beginning of each new semester. I think President Funderburk was aware of how demanding finances were on students and he allowed financial aid to float from one semester to the next without the red tape.

I became an Eastern student in the early 90s. As a non-traditional student, I’ve been continuing my education part-time the past four years working as a laborer for the department of campus and grounds. My professors and I sometimes joke about how long it has taken to get my degree. Without going into too much detail, in 1995 I was a pedestrian hit by a drunk driver in downtown Richmond.

I suppose I’m not the only one with problems relating to the registration of classes at Eastern. My hope is for the future students who depend on financial aid. Will they be able to continue their education without dropping out over the worry and frustration of keeping their accounts up to date? One of Eastern’s goals is to keep student retention. I think if Eastern wants a higher graduation rate it needs to show compassion to all students who don’t have the ways and means to pay on time. I hope President Glasser will evaluate Kustra’s registration policy on holds regarding past due accounts and truly make our beloved school a place where students come first.

Randall Wilson,
Eastern student

‘We proudly display our American flag’

We proudly display our American flag,

On Homes and places of business for all to see;

To show our service men and women we support them you and me

We proudly display our American Flag,

To let the world know she stands for freedom and what is right.

Although to prove this, at times we must take up arms and fight.

And in other countries she’s been burned, but she’s been through the fire before.

Still today she waves on, showing the world she can take a whole lot more.

We proudly display our American flag,

A symbol of freedom, love and peace, which we want the world to share.

And she’s always there to let our young people that serve our country know that we care.

We shall proudly display our American flag,

Let all who see her know it’s what she means and stands for that we want to brag,

For as true Americans we are mighty proud of that red, white, and blue flag.

So as an American Poet for now that’s about all I have to say, Except LORD please keep our flag, our country and all it’s brave troops safe, I pray.

William Jerry Ayers,
Father of Eastern Alum
Crab Orchard, Ky. 40419
Phone/Fax (606) 355-7910

Employee sends poem to Colonels for Peace

For all the Colonel’s For Peace adherents, here is a poem you should read:

It is The Soldier not the reporter, who has given us Freedom of the press.

It Is The Soldier not the poet, who has given us Freedom of speech.

It Is The Soldier not the campus organizer, who has given us the Freedom to demonstrate.

It Is The Soldier not the lawyer, who has given us the right to a fair trial.

It is The Soldier, who saluted the Flag, who serves beneath the Flag and whose coffin is draped by the Flag, who allows the protester to burn the Flag.

— By Father Denis Edward O’Brien, USMCA Guadalcanal Veteran of WWII, 11th Marines, and the Chaplain for the 1st Marine Division Association.

Next time there is an anti-war rally the participants should thank a soldier for the fact that they have the freedom to preach their distasteful rhetoric. Moreover, if you think your message is so popular, then visit the nearest VFW (Veterans of Foreign Wars) and see how popular your remarks are. You forget … a large majority of Americans support the war to liberate the Iraqi people. Your opinions are shared only by a small minority.

Tim Harris,
Dept. of History