By Gina Vaile/Managing editor

Two Eastern football players have received summonses to appear in court on sodomy charges.C.J. Hudson and Pierre Wright, both of Florida, will appear in Madison District court in two weeks.

The incident allegedly took place March 25, 2002, in Martin Hall. According to Tom Lindquist, director of public safety, the victims reported the alleged acts of sodomy to police last November.

“Investigating a case that is reported six months after it occurred makes investigating something like this difficult and somewhat problematic,” he said.

According to the police report, two victims — one a 14-year-old female — were invited to a party on the fourth floor of Martin Hall by a group of males while waiting in the Martin Lobby.

According to Kenna Middleton, director of housing, both females entered the building without checking in. Middleton stated the juvenile would have been asked to leave if proper check-in procedures had taken place.

One victim stated that after arriving in the room, more males arrived.

The victims, according to the police report and summonses, were forced to perform sexual acts with both Hudson and Wright and an unknown male.

Hudson declined comment on the issue and would not release the name of his lawyer.

Wright could not be reached for comment.

Lindquist said the Division of Public Safety is still investigating the incident. According to the report, “as many as 15- 20 men” were in the room.

“There very well could be other people involved in this; I can’t really comment on that at this point,” Lindquist said.

He said the investigation is ongoing, and the process of identifying those involved has been difficult.

“When you get into a situation where there is a question of who was involved in this, it’s hard,” Lindquist said.

“When you know the names or the suspect, there’s a difference; but in this case, there was still some question about whether these in fact were the people or who was actually involved,” he said.

March 28 the university issued a statement about the incident. According to Athletic Director John Shafer, both athletes were suspended immediately from the team after they were issued summonses. Shafer declined further comment about the situation.

According to Marc Whitt, associate vice president for public relations and marketing, “Eastern Kentucky University understands the seriousness of this matter. Please remember at this time the student athletes at issue are alleged to have committed a crime. No finding has been made as to their guilt or innocence.”

Whitt said that any student alleged to have violated the Student Code of Conduct is subject to disciplinary action through Student Judicial Affairs.

“Student athletes who are alleged to have engaged in felony conduct will be suspended from the team pending the outcome of appropriate legal and or disciplinary action,” he said.